Catamaran Details

Lagoon 450 is one of the Catamarans that Deluxe Yachts Ibiza rents on a daily basis to deliver you a happening day out with cruise services in the Island of Ibiza. It is a spacious and well build charter and its various features make it near perfect cruising boat with cost effective and affordable price rate.

With great visibility, this catamaran also offers amazing stability and comfort to the guest passengers.

Guests: 10 Sleeps: 8 + 2 Cabins: 4 + crew Length: 13,96m
Year: 2013 Engine: 2 x Yanmar 45 cv Beam: 7,84 m Draft: 1,3 m


The boat is finely built with three floors to satisfy the need of all as one can have a nap and relax at lavish cabins or can have an amazing sailing experience at upper most deck with sunbathing or can simply sit on the deck and enjoy the scenic beauty of the seashores and Islands. The cabin areas are lavishly built with all the facilities and amenities to relax or sleep with attached washrooms to all the cabins.

The common saloon area with sliding door has been ideally constructed to spend the leisure time with facilities like a sound system, dining area, ice maker, coffee maker, TV Screens, Sound speakers, Oven, refrigerators and Magazine racks.

There is also equipment available for those who want to go for water sports activities like snorkeling, surfing, skiing, fishing, and diving.

The best thing about renting Lagoon 450 is this that it can be availed through Deluxe Yachts Ibiza at daily basis as well as the weekly basis as per their needs and requirements. There can also be seen variation in the renting charges during various months depending upon the tourist traffic in that particular season. The price range of Lagoon 450 for daily basis is from 800 Euro per day to 1.800 Euro per day and for a week long excursion it is from 3.900 Euro to 8.850 Euro per week.

The Lagoon 450 can accommodate at most 10 guests onboard with its good design infrastructure. It went live on the market in the year 2013. It has the length of 13,96 m with the beam of 7,84 m and draft of 1,3 m offering an uncompromised stability among the waves of the sea. It has access to 2* Yanmar Engine with a power of 45 CV offering favorable cruising speed with economical and cost effective fuel consumption rate.

The catamaran also has the fuel storage capacity of 264 gallons and water storage capacity of 92 gallons to sustain a hassle free long term journey amidst the sea waves.

14/10-17/03 18/03-16/06 09/09-13/10 17/06-21/07 26/08-08/09 22/07-25/08
800 € 1.250 € 1.500 € 1.800 €

* Price per day. Fuel not included. VAT included.

14/10-17/03 18/03-16/06 09/09-13/10 17/06-21/07 26/08-08/09 22/07-25/08
3.900 € 6.350 € 7.650 € 8.850 €

* Price per week. Fuel not included. VAT included.

*SKIPPER: 180 €/ DAY