Bavaria 37

  • Length: 11,6m
  • Pax: 8 + crew
  • Price from: 1.890 € / Week

Benneteau 50

  • Length: 15,48 m
  • Pax: 12
  • Price from: 1.000 € / Day

Beneteau Oceanis 58

  • Length: 18,24 m
  • Pax: 8 + crew
  • Price from: 8.000 € / Week

Goleta Alania

  • Length: 26.50m
  • Pax: 12
  • Price from: 1.950 € / Day

Goleta Why Not

  • Length: 23,90m
  • Pax: 8
  • Price from: 16.100 € / Week

Hanse 54

  • Length: 16,10m
  • Pax: 12
  • Price from: 4.500 € / Week


  • Length: 40,00m
  • Pax: 10
  • Price from: 48.500 € / Week

Tai Chou Octopus

  • Length: 19,00 m
  • Pax: 12
  • Price from: 950 € / Day

Wally 90

  • Length: 27,00m
  • Pax: 6 + 2
  • Price from: 5.500 € / Day

Sailing Yachts

Ibiza Island is the perfect place for a weekend or a weeklong vacation trip with the Deluxe Yacht Ibiza services of Charter in Ibiza. With its yacht renting services you can not only have the glimpse of the picturesque beauty of Island but can closely explore the hidden treasures of the sea with a royal and luxurious stay at the sailing yachts.

Our sailing yachts are built and developed with a huge amount of space with alluring luxuries and comfort at its peak to provide our customers the complete value for their money. Our sailors are well aware of the area of Ibiza Island thus are able to offer you complete excursion of the Island, Sea and coastal lines.

Picturesque sights with blend of luxury

Our sailing yachts are a gateway to the world of luxury that brings you closer to the treasures of amazing seascapes. These large sailing yachts have everything in their stores with long walkways, luxurious dining areas, spas, gyms and comfy living rooms. The upper deck has a large area with benches to enjoy sunbath and scenic beauty of the surroundings.

The deck has a barbecue station, swimming pools and other areas for fun activities. The splendid beauty of sea can be enjoyed from the deck with beautiful sea shores and surroundings at the time of sunset. With exotic music and fine wine, we create a happening aura for our customers soothing their soul.

The dining area is also perfectly crafted which is well complemented with the finger licking and mouth-watering food.

Thrill yourself with water diving & fun sports

If you have a heart for fun and adventurous activities then there are various fun water sports which can be carried out on the magnificent excursion to the Ibiza Island. You can dive into the sea and can explore the flora and fauna of the vast calm sea under the blue sky away from the populous zone of tourist areas. Some of our rented yachts also have the provision of fun tasks and activities even on the deck. We also ensure the safety of our clients both on the ship and off the ship with proficient sailors and crew members. The life jacket, first aid kit, and other safety measures are rigorously followed. Even before sailing the ship our crew members provide valuable guidance about cautions and safety measures to the adults and kids.

Pick what suits your lifestyle

Deluxe Yacht Ibiza provides charter in Ibiza since a long time and understands the variations in customer preferences this is the reason why we rent yachts of all types and sizes. Our yacht services can be availed for a one-day excursion as well as a week-long excursion depending upon your lay over a period. The capacity of all the yachts also varies thus you can select the one which best suits the number of group members you have. The budget is also not an issue with our services as we rent yachts for the price of 950 Euro per day to 5,500 Euro per day. Several sailing yachts which we render on rent are Bavaria 37, Benneteau 50, Beneteau Oceanis 58, Goleta Alania, Goleta Why Not, Hanse 54, Philanderers, Tai Chou Octopus and Waly 90. One can lay their hands on the yacht which best meets all their requirements in a pocket-friendly price rate.

Value for Money

Our motto is to provide you a refreshing and mesmerizing vacation trip with our quality services that can take away all your worries and offer you a revitalizing trip. Our prices are quite reasonable in front of the facilities and amenities we offer to our clients providing them complete value for their money. Our team put its best foot forward to provide you a marvelous time at sailing yachts so that the trip remains worth spending your last dollar and you can carry away lots incredible and wonderful memories back with yourself.

So come visit and explore the fascinating hidden beauty of Ibiza Island with Deluxe Yacht Ibiza and experience the thrill of sailing in the sea which should be on the to do list of every person.

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