Brig 650

  • Length: 6,5m
  • Pax: 8 + crew
  • Price from: 630 € / Day

Brig 780

  • Length: 7,8m
  • Pax: 10 + crew
  • Price from: 840 € / Day

Cap Camarat 7.5

  • Length: 7,42 m
  • Pax: 8
  • Price from: 390 € / Day

Chaparral suncoast 250

  • Length: 7,5m
  • Pax: 10 + crew
  • Price from: 840 € / Day

Colombo 33

  • Length: 9,50m
  • Pax: 9 + crew
  • Price from: 965 € / Day

Cranchi 26

  • Length: 7,3m
  • Pax: 6 + crew
  • Price from: 630 € / Day

Mano Marine 29

  • Length: 9,00m
  • Pax: 9 + crew
  • Price from: 695 € / Day

Monte Carlo 27

  • Length: 8,60 m
  • Pax: 8
  • Price from: 490 € / Day

Rinker 29

  • Length: 9,00m
  • Pax: 9 + crew
  • Price from: 695 € / Day

Sea Ray 290

  • Length: 9,00m
  • Pax: 12
  • Price from: 600 € / Day

Sessa Key Largo 20

  • Length: 6,00 m
  • Pax: 8
  • Price from: 290 € / Day

Valiant 750 Cruiser

  • Length: 7,5m
  • Pax: 11 + crew
  • Price from: 400 € / Day

Boat Rental Ibiza

Do you get an adrenaline rush by just hearing about the adventure sports? Do u also have a never ending love for adventurous sea journey? Then Deluxe Yacht Ibiza is here to satisfy your thirst for the love of sea as we offer charter in Ibiza.

To have a smooth and fun ride at sea the best option is to go with a speedboat. We rent boats for all the categories with various specifications which help our customers to choose the boat which best suits their requirement. Boat Rental Ibiza

Satisfy your thirst for adventure

There could be no better way to spice up your vacations than by having a thrilling boat ride with your loved ones. Far away from the beach having a speedy boat ride promises you a time that sure will give you goose bumps. You can also go on a deep excursion to sea by having a dive in the vast and exotic sea. A deep diving in sea getting the chance to explore the flora and fauna of sea and having a fast motor ride on the sea is enough to make you go for it. Boat Rental Ibiza

Have a relaxing time

If you do not really look forward to fun sea sports thing then you can also enjoy the enchanting seascapes at the Island of Ibiza with our rent yacht services as the speedboat also offers ample amount of space for relaxing and having a sun bath. You can grab a seat on the deck with your favorite wine and can enjoy the spell bounding beauty of the sunset. There are also cabin areas to offer you some own relaxing moment with the comfort level intact to it.

Although the boat is ideal for water sports it also renders a smooth ride and you can have a relaxing and hassle free time in your cabin. The best part of such boat rides on your family vacation trip is that it will satisfy the greed of everyone be it adrenaline junkie or admirer of calm natural beauty. A whole day trip away from the rush of tourists in a splendid magnificent sea would be something that will be close to your heart always. Boat Rental Ibiza

Privacy and Safety at the top

There is no denying fact in this that people come to vacation to have a delightful stay away from the chaos of the world and our boat rides offer you a fascinating private stay with your friends and family with hypnotizing beauty all around you.

We rent yachts by keeping well care of the safety of our customers. The crew members are well versed with the sea route to the Island and are proficient in sailing the boat even in adverse weather conditions. There are also life jackets and first aid kits available at the boat for any mishappening. Our courageous crew members make the safety of passengers as their priority. Boat Rental Ibiza

Select the Best from all

Deluxe Yacht Ibiza is well aware of the variations in needs of customers and this is why we rent yachts of diverse specifications to be up to the expectations of customers. In speedboat rides, we have variations on the basis of passengers capacity, length and size of the boat, price range and engine capacity. Our this section has boats like Brig 650, Brig 780, Cap Camarat 7.5, Chaparral Suncoast 250, Sessa Key Largo 20, Sea Ray 290, Colombo 33, Cranchi 26, Mano Marine 29, Monte Carlo 27, Rinker 29 and Valiant 750 Cruiser. The boats have the passenger capacity of six passengers to 12 passengers so that the clients can choose according to their group members. Our team lets you have all the fun without even burning a hole in your pocket as the price range lies from 290 Euro per day to 965 Euro per day and one can opt for the one which suits to their budget and lifestyle.

Our sailors provide you the ride to all the explored and unexplored gems of the Island, showering you with plenty of mesmerizing and pleasant beautiful moments. So get your family and friends an unforgettable adventure trip with Deluxe Yacht Ibiza which rent yachts and offers charter in Ibiza at cost effective price. Boat Rental Ibiza

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If you prefer you can send us a form or call us and we´ll find the best solution for your needs. If the boat you are looking for is not in our fleet, we can help you to find it on request