Diamante 555

  • Length: 16,54 m
  • Pax: 12
  • Price from: 1.400 € / Day

Lagoon 39

  • Length: 11.74 m
  • Pax: 10
  • Price from: 3.850 € / Week

Lagoon 440

  • Length: 13.61 m
  • Pax: 10 + crew
  • Price from: 5.600 € / Week

Lagoon 450

  • Length: 13.96 m
  • Pax: 10 + crew
  • Price from: 800 € / Day

Lagoon 570

  • Length: 17,60m
  • Pax: 12
  • Price from: 8.000 € / Week

Mahe 36

  • Length: 10,98 m
  • Pax: 10
  • Price from: 990 € / Day

Catamaran Charter Ibiza

Do you love sailing on fast, flexible and stylish boats? If you do, you should absolutely check out our catamarans, which we offer for charter in Ibiza. Catamarans in Ibiza are easily maneuverable and are highly comfortable while still being relatively affordable. Hire a catamaran in Ibiza now and discover the island in whole new ways. Be it for sailing to remote bays and beaches, just quickly making your way to the next town to indulge in some partying, enjoying a fancy restaurant or having a drink at a bar, or to actually live on a boat for a few days, a catamaran is perfect for you if you prefer to have more stability on the water.

Your catamaran rental in Ibiza won’t bang back and forth in the sea, which makes eating, sleeping and living on them so much more comfortable. On top of that, the two-hulled form of catamarans means that the salon is more spacious and that you get more privacy in the suites!

Have a blissful trip with luxurious Catamarans

Sailing in Catamarans in the Island of Ibiza and coming across the gems of the sea with a luxury overnight stay at a boat is an exotic experience which should be grabbed at the slightest possible chance. They have everything to offer to the sailors from cozy hotel rooms to pleasant cruise area and from charming pubs to huge space for sun bathing.

What could be perfect for a romantic date than standing on the cruise with your loved ones gazing on the sun going down and music cranking up with breezy wind all around you? It is an ideal place for all kind of vacations whether it is a solo trip or family vacation or a date.

You can get rid of the crowded beach area filled with tourists and closely embrace the beauty of the sensuous sea. After enjoying the marvelous scenes and having a thrilling dive in the sea you can have rest in your comfortable hotel rooms. The trip at yacht charters gets more alluring with the smell of lip smacking barbeque food getting prepared along with the wine. The staff puts their best effort to satisfy the taste buds of their guests complementing the magnificent picturesque.

Safely discover Ibiza by catamaran

Normal boats and yachts heel and may make walking in the inside difficult and even cause sea sickness in stormy weather. Due to their stability, catamaran charters in Ibiza are much more comfortable and safer. Not only is walking easy and sleeping much nicer, the danger of falling overboard also is considerably smaller. This means that literally, nothing is standing in your way if you’d like to spend several days on your chartered catamaran in Ibiza.

As a downturn, you won’t be able to enter every port, since the form of the catamaran causes it to be very beamy. But the advantages entirely make up for this! In contrast to monohulls, catamarans can anchor even in shallow water. This means that you can absolutely stop and spend the night close to some far-away beach of your choice. Clearly, catamarans are the Mercedes among the boats: fast, highly maneuverable and really nice in the inside.

Your Safety Our Priority

If you have a fear while sailing into the waters of the sea then there is nothing to worry about Deluxe Yacht Ibiza services for Catamarans as we ensure all the measures for your safety. Also, the catamaran is designed and built to handle all the high sea waves and stormy weather with an ease. Our clients can have an extremely comfortable experience because if they are in the room they would not even be aware of the sea waves because of the smooth ride such boats offer.

Enjoy a private stay

We rent yachts at a charter in Ibiza mostly for the small boats so that people can have their privacy. With a huge number of passengers there comes the issue of privacy and it goes in vain to come away from the populated beach area. Travelers can have various fun sea activities with their family with their privacy remaining intact.

Select the one that suits you best

At Deluxe Yacht Ibiza you are not bound to rent yachts of any specific features as we have several catamarans from which one can choose the best that satisfy their needs. Several Catamaran Charter Ibiza that we rent are Diamante 555, Lagoon 440, Lagoon 570 and Mahe 36. They vary in length, size, passenger capacity and a price too. These can be rented on daily basis as well as a weekly basis and that makes the visitors free to opt for the boat according to their needs. Rental charges are also quite affordable without costing the visitors a fortune with a varying price range from 800 Euro per day to 1500 Euro per day.
So what are you waiting for? Go pack your bags and delve into the musings of nature with our boats and yacht rental services with the amusing and gracious memories that you will cherish for life time.

Did you found the boat you are looking for ?

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If you prefer you can send us a form or call us and we´ll find the best solution for your needs. If the boat you are looking for is not in our fleet, we can help you to find it on request